Busting the Misconceptions About Drug Addiction

Thousands of San Antonio residents battle drug addiction every single day. Some of the people battle addictions simply because the many misconceptions out there convince them they don’t have a problem or that they can handle it themselves. Do not allow yourself to suffer because you believe drug addiction misconceptions. Get a dose of truth with a look at the most common misconceptions surrounding drug addiction and the truth behind the matter.

Marijuana is Not Addictive

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Now that marijuana is legal in some states, people believe that it is 100% safe and that it cannot cause addiction. It is true that addiction symptoms are not as severe with marijuana as other drugs, but untrue that an addiction is not possible. Even marijuana can cause a person to become addicted to the substance.

I Don’t Need Treatment

There are tons of drug treatment programs san antonio options available to help addicts detox and learn how to live life free of drugs. It is a misconception that you can do it on your own and that addiction treatment is not beneficial to your needs. Treatment helps every person who attends and decides that it is time to change their lives.

Rehab is for Losers

Rehab is not for losers. It is designed for people that understand the devastating effects drugs cause who want to get their lives back on trek the right way. They know that it takes help and support to end an addiction and they’re not afraid to face their fears if it means improving their lives.

I Am Not Addicted

So many people out there deny their addictions despite the many troubles that the drug has caused in their life. If you use drugs often and it has impacted your life or relationships in any way, you may have a problem that needs a helping hand to resolve.